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If you have been struggling to get your body and your health back to feeling great, I can help.

For the last 35 years I have been helping people attain and maintain their health and life goals, especially through the challenging storms of grief and loss, fear and overwhelm, and chronic health conditions, fatigue and autoimmunity.


I myself have had some of the most catastrophic events most people can imagine including the loss of a child. I grew up in an alcoholic family. I lost my own mom at the age of 4. Not surprisingly I developed several Autoimmune Conditions as an adult (there is definitely a link between physical issues and traumatic events).

I know how frustrating it is to feel terrible all the time, and to not get the answers you are looking for.


I have used my own life experiences AND formal education to combine a powerful and transformative program to help women move through the storms of their life. Whether you have had a catastrophic event like the loss of a child, long term debilitating circumstances ruling your life, or you just can't seem to move forward in the areas you want to and don't understand why- this program will transform the pain and stuck-ness into joy and wholeheartedness. 

On the 45 min call we will get to understand your personal journey, your main barrier to feeling as whole, joyful and well as you want to feel, and create a plan of action together.

So the first step to seeing how I can help you get your optimum health back is to Book a Strategy call with me where we can discuss your challenges, and where to go from here.

Linda Downey

Transformational Health Coach

Here's a Few Other People Who Booked a Call..

I wanted to take a moment & share my story. I was diagnosed with systemic lupus in 2006. I was told to start looking for a kidney donor, and that eventually I wouldn't walk. I suffered from anxiety and depression, was on high doses of steroids, anti-organ rejection meds and chemo infusions (I still almost cry telling my story). I met Linda Downey through her daughter, she helped me change my foods and find my triggers. I lost 45 lbs., am down to 1 med/day and got my life back..

Tanya Atkinson

Nurse/Respiratory Therapist

Before working with Linda and the Recovery Program I had to crawl up the swteps from my man cave to the main part of the house. I was in so much pain and so weak. It was so depressing. I didn't want to live anymore. Fast forward to now, one of my co-workers recently commented on how happy I seemed over a meeting because I JOGGED up the steps without thinking twice about it. That's when I realized how far I had come. I cried tears of joy because I could've given into those suicidal thoughts and would have never known that I would be where I am right now

Dawn Nilles


Despite my best efforts, for years I had been struggling with fatigue, thyroid issues, bloating in my stomach and breasts, and the inability to lose weight.  Discouraged and in need of guidance, I decided to register for Linda Downey’s  Recovery Program.  This turned out be a life-changing decision for me!  Innovative and well-designed, Linda’s program provides step-by-step instructions, important health information and tutorials, and supportive coaching, all of which proved instrumental in my return to good health. Within two weeks of starting the program I felt more energetic, had no bloating, and was losing weight.  At the end of  8 weeks, I felt better than I had in years!  I was no longer experiencing any of those symptoms had lost 17 pounds!  I have incorporated what I learned from Linda into my everyday life and have maintained the healthy balance I achieved with her help.  I am so very grateful to Linda for using her vast knowledge to create such an amazing program and, most of all, for her true passion for helping others find healing and wholeness!.

Barb Barkeley

Stephens Minister

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