Learn The Key Strategies My Clients Use To Move Through Overwhelm, Grief, Loss and Stress - Restoring Peace, Joy and Success In Life 

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These results and more are possible when you understand these important Shifts that I teach you in this Masterclass:

  • Shift 1
    Self Care- When overwhelming circumstances exist, or we have been knocked to our knees in grief or challenges, the first thing to disappear is Self Care. It seems more than we can manage. But it's exactly what has to happen in order to feel the energy and the motivation to keep moving forward. We use powerful, easy tools to help you take care of yourself once again, in manageable daily ways that make a huge difference in your life experience.

  • Shift 2
    Assessing and Acknowledging- the impact that these life events have had on your body and who you are for yourself and those around you. What coping strategies have worked for you, and which ones are not. If you have the feeling of being lost, not recognizing yourself any more because of what has happened to you, unsure of what to do and how to get back- shifting from being a victim of your life to assessing where you are at is a critical piece of moving forward. The next part of that is knowing how to use that information as well.

  • Shift 3
    Releasing Stored Emotions- Any trauma or life event has emotions that go along with it. When these emotions and energy stay stored in the body, as happens with chronic stress issues or a devastating loss- we experience unexplained health issues- including Autoimmunity- that don't get better. We have the sense we are stuck in life, unable to create the outcomes we want. Emotions like depression and anxiety, grief and loss take center stage until we can release these emotions and change our emotional home state

  • Shift 4
    Creating Your Life From Choice and Intention- It may seem in life you haven't had much choice in what has happened, and you don't see how to create anything at all, you're just surviving- but we do amazing work helping people create FROM their loss, pain and overwhelm. This perspective makes all the difference

  • Shift 5
    Invest in Mentorship- Using Partnership And Guidance during the most challenging times of our life makes the most sense. For some reason we are often wired to "Go it alone" and "Suffer In Silence", but having someone walk with you shoulder to shoulder through this valley will put you back on your life's journey sooner rather than later. We are here to lift each other up. The skills of a Transformational Health Coach-someone trained not only in ways of thinking to transform your life, but also in Functional Integrative Health practices- to get your health, your heart and your life where God meant it to be.

    • Your Host: Linda Downey

      FDN-P, FIHC, BA, MA

      Transformational Life Coach

      Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Functional Integrative Health Practitioner and Wellness Trainer with over 35 years experience working with 100's of clients to attain and keep health and wellness goals.


        A Mom who uses the experience of losing her daughter to help others move through grief and loss.

      A woman who reversed her 4 Autoimmune Conditions and Chronic Fatigue by Healing the pain in her heart so that her body could also recover vibrant health

    Through the program, the energy I have been able to find has allowed me to think about some of those stressors in my life and actually take action! I have been cleaning and organizing the inside AND outside of my house.....I had lost part of myself because- you guessed it- no energy. I have a long way to go, but I'm finding myself again!

    Emily Sherman

    Before working with Linda and the Recovery Program I had to crawl up the steps from my man cave to the main part of the house. I was in so much pain and so weak. It was so depressing I didn't want to live anymore. Fast forward to now, one of my co-workers recently commented on how happy I seemed over a meeting because I JOGGED up the steps without thinking twice about it. That's when I realized how far I had come, and I cried tears of joy, because I could've given in to those suicidal thoughts and never known that I could be where I am right now

    Dawn Nilles

    I have learned how to take back my health. My pain and inflammation level has gone way down. I feel great. Linda is great to work with, she is very passionate about helping others get well.

    Karen Wakefield

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